Brett Favre

A conversation with a US Bank Customer Service Representative.

Rep: Thank you for calling US Bank. How can I help you today?

Me: I’m calling in regards to my Minnesota Vikings check/debit card.

Rep: What is the problem?

Me: The Minnesota Vikings.

Rep: I don’t understand.

Me: I live in Seattle. I'm a Seahawks fan. And, despite my first draft pick being Adrian Peterson, as a whole, I cannot support this team.

Rep: Okay?

Me: I’m being harassed by cashiers when they see my card.

Rep: What kind of harassment?

Me: Conversations. Mostly with women that lead into discussions about Brett Favre.

Rep: He’s so handsome. I have a poster up in my cubicle.

Me: Exactly my point. You know why women like Brett Favre? It’s because he’s a woman too. Just like us, he's always changing his mind, craving attention and constantly complaining. He's always crying and trying on different outfits to see which one he looks best in. Shit, only a woman would pick purple. Not to mention the fact he’s all over other men when they offer him lots of money. Do you know what they call women like that?

Rep: What would that be?

Me: Hookers.

Rep: Let me forward you to the complaint department. Hold on.


  1. Ha ha, so did you get the Seahawks card?

  2. Haha.. Hilarity. XD


  4. kathy18:15

    ha haha awesome . .. A+